Looking for a return on investment that YOU have control over? Tired of daily fluctuations in the stock market? You should consider adding a tangible asset to your portfolio!

It’s no secret that the wealthiest people of our time love to own & accumulate real estate. Most investors were not born “filthy-rich” with a silver spoon, contrary to popular belief– they worked long hours, saved their hard-earned income, and put their money into items that GAIN value over time, instead of depreciate. There is a profound mental shift when you realize that there are more ways to grow your income without trading time for money.

As an Investor-friendly Realtor, I am equally poised to assist the first-time or experienced investor grow their investment portfolio in Metro Detroit. This area has the unique balance of notoriety & substance coupled with an incredibly low cost-of-living. Many areas of the U.S. have overly-inflated real estate markets that are next to impossible to enter without a six-figure investment. Not in Metro Detroit–you can score a property gaining unbelievable return-on-investment (ROI) with an extremely small up-front cost. The numbers just make sense–there is nothing to sell you on!

Not every Realtor is educated enough to help the real estate investor. What makes me stand out?

  • Honesty— I treat your money like it’s my own and refuse to sell you a poor investment that I don’t believe. There are always more fish in the sea!
  • Experience–I have helped investors purchase & sell several million in real estate, concentrated in the City of Detroit.
  • Referrals–I have a team of lenders, inspectors, contractors, attorneys & resources for a full service experience.
  • Property Management–I can teach you  how to maintain your investment, or remove the hassle & do it for you!