Buy & Sell

As if one real estate transaction wasn’t enough, it can be extremely painful to go through two at the same time–if you don’t have the right agent! It’s a common misconception to use two different agents for each transaction. In this day of the internet, any agent can sell your home using expensive photographs & social media posts. Where these agents lack is providing a support system for you as the client during this stressful time. I utilize technology to constantly update in real-time, which ensures that everyone is always on the same page.

It takes a level head, willingness to compromise, and market knowledge to get you from one home to the next. From looking at the big picture, to noticing the tiniest details, I can make this difficult process as painless & informed as possible. As your buyer & seller agent, I will:

  • Coordinate timelines between 2+ transactions & their respective agents & title companies
  • Manage closing & move-in dates for both properties to work best with your schedule
  • Provide useful electronic timelines for each transaction to keep all dates in order